Working with REPREVE

Our swimwear is made from 100% recycled fibers through REPREVE
Each year, at least 8.8 million tonnes of plastics make their way into the ocean, which is the equivalent of dumping the contents of one garbage truck into the ocean every minute. In addition, at least 80% of plastic flows into the oceans from land, and at current rates, there will be more plastic by weight than fish by 2050
How is REPREVE made?
Unifi source recycled waste from across the world. This waste is shredded and cleaned. Its then melted and formed into round pellets or chips. These chips are melted and extruded, forced through tiny openings, to create continuous filament fiber
Is REPREVE chlorine resistant?
Yes! REPREVE fibers are 100% chlorine proof
"Forward-thinking brands that want to take a stronger stand in addressing ocean pollution and want to make an even more specific statement about protecting the environment, now have a brand new option. REPREVE is made for the good of tomorrow, and this premium product will appeal to consumers that want to do all that they can to help protect the environment for the next generation." 
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