Behind The Lens - Jamee Stewart

Behind The Lens - Jamee Stewart
Hey guys my names Jamee, you may have seen my face around here a bit because I’m lucky enough to be the bestie of The Salty Blond her self, in fact Tay and I go as far back to being little bubba best friends because we are actually cousins as well hence why I’m always claiming her as my sister and getting called the knock off Salty Blond
A few years ago I moved to Perth and after a year here my good mumma booked me a hair appointment with Tay, after 4 hours of non stop chatting we were reconnected and instantly besties. Fast forward a few years and you’ll constantly find us on the coast sipping coffee, in the TSB office wrapping orders and folding Tee’s or running around creating content and bringing groovy ideas to life. 
After seeing Tays extrensiveeeee range of point and shoot cameras combined with my early love for disposables, I decided in 2020 that it was about time I get my self a real film camera so I could finally learn how to bring all these creative ideas to life, but with no actual idea of a) what film camera I should get b) how to even shoot film or any idea about photography, I jumped on the old and faithful YouTube train and watched nearly ever film related video I could find which led me to purchase my baby Penny (yeah I named my camera) 
Penny is a 45 year old (roughly) Pentax KM that I snagged off Depop. Like I said I had no idea how to actually shoot a manual film camera so as soon as she arrived we went out and shot what felt like a roll of film a week and slowly but surely the images started getting better and soon enough tay and I were planing shoots for The Salty Blond and I fell even further in love with film now having a purpose and reason to shoot
At first the simplicity of film drew me in, the ability to capture candid moments, the way people relaxed in front of film more than digital, but after a few Salty Blond shoots under my belt I realised that I loved the whole process, creative brainstorming and mood boarding, sourcing specific models that match the brand, sourcing locations, creative directing, shooting, the anticipation of waiting for film, the overwhelming joy when the images turned out (and sometimes the disappointment when they didn’t) and the light editing to finish it all off - I was obsessed with it all.
Thats when I decided, hey lets give this a real go. The idea of creating art through the format of film combined with my dream to travel the world kind of just went hand in hand so that’s what I’m here working towards, traveling to different countries, shooting different brands and connecting with different people
But for now you’ll find me here shooting campaigns for the Salty Blond slowly developing my skills, testing out new ideas and building my portfolio, so stay tuned for some groovy work coming out in the very near future 

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